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Featured Product- Grand River windows by Vinylbilt

Is it time to update the windows in your home? We proudly carry and install Grand River windows by Vinylbilt.

Given the expense of replacing the windows in your home, the quality of the windows and installation, along with the warranties to back them up should be carefully considered.



Vinylbilt is a Canadian window and door manufacturer (located in Vaughan, ON), with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  Grand River windows by Vinylbilt are Energy-star rated (helping to improve the energy-efficiency of your home), CSA rated, and Window Wise approved.



Standard features in Grand River windows by Vinylbilt include:

·     Lead-Free Polyresin 3 PVC- A multi-chamber frame that is designed to draw moisture away from the window

·     Fly Maze- An guard to prevent insects from entering through the frame

·     Fusion Welded Sash & Frame- Precision-mitered and fusion-welded to create an inseparable bond

·     Heavy-Duty Hardware- Durable hardware intended to stand up to years of use

·     Triple Weather Seals- Oversized seals built into the sash and frame for a complete seal from air transfer

·     Solar-Bond Paint- Eight standard window colours (custom also available) that carry a 15-year exterior colour warranty

·     S-Class Super Spacer- Constructed from 100% polymer foam that allows for expansion and contraction, absorption of moisture and prevention of condensation

Each window is custom-made and offers multiple options including window styles and shapes, frame colours, glass style, glass options, grilles, window casing options, brickmoulds, vinyl & wood jamb extensions etc…






Vinylbilt windows are backed by a non-prorated*, transferable, lifetime warranty which includes:

1.  Lifetime Warranty on White Vinyl Frame and Vinyl Sash Members

2.  Lifetime Warranty on Insulating Glass

3.  Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

4.  15-Year Warranty on Solar Bond™ Paint Standard Colours

 *The value of a prorated warranty depreciates over time (for example after 15 years, only 60% of the replacement value may be covered by the manufacturer, requring the homeowner to pay for the 40% difference). A non-prorated warranty, however, maintains 100% of its value over time

As a windows and doors sales and installation company, we carefully choose products that are of high-quality and good value. We want our customers to be pleased with their choice now and down the road. We do not use high-pressure sales tactics, and we encourage potential customers to review information on the windows and doors they may be considering (for more information on Vinylbilt windows, please click here and here).


If you'd like to book a consultation for a free estimate for your windows (and doors), please call us at 519-647-0610 or 519-732-2456, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .