Eavestrough and Leaf Guard



We use an extruded seamless 5” eavestrough, made of durable, heavy-gauge aluminum, formed onsite to the specific measurements of your home or business.

It is secured with heavy-duty screw-on brackets that provide sustained hold, as well as mitred corners for a leak-proof result. All inside corners are baffled to prevent overshooting of water from steep-pitched valleys, and all water is discharged using a better-than-standard 3” square downpipe.

As well, 6" eavestrough is available for large roof areas with high-volume flows (ie. barns, commercial areas etc...).

Please note that we offer supply and install, or supply-only eavestroughing.

Leaf Guard/Gutter protection

leafguardFor treed properties, we offer products that will help to prevent leaves from clogging your eavestrough, and help save you from the unsafe and unpleasant task of trips up the ladder to clear debris.

The eavestrough protection systems we carry are capable of filtering out objects that other systems cannot. They prevent not only leaves and larger debris from clogging your eavestrough, but pine needles and roof grit as well. In addition, models with state-of-the-art heater wire are available that can help to alleviate icicles and ice damming (a common occurrence in our Canadian climate).


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